Casey’s style is akin to a travelogue (except an interesting one).  He enjoys almost every minute in China though his stories might make one believe otherwise.  He may exaggerate during these, but only slightly.  He is a writer who sees his current home with eyes unclouded by formal Chinese history courses and prefers to operate on his senses and instinct.  He has worked in a variety of positions, some of the most interesting have been as an editor, writer, and bottle cap salesman, all of which have given him unique insights on how people, life, creativity, and business interact.

Casey lived in Chengdu in Sichuan Province for 3 months in his wandering phase.  Despite this city having almost twice as many people as his entire home state of Indiana, He was undaunted to bring his blonde head before some of the city’s most terrifying inhabitants–its vocational students.   As an English teacher in one of the worst schools in China, he feels he might have had the most educational time he’s ever experienced in a school.  Despite some “wacky” situations there which would have turned anyone off to venturing out of his own house, let alone abroad, he has returned to China to give teaching another chance.  He currently enjoys making grand gestures for English students in Nanjing.

He enjoys eating and seeing weird things and then describing both activities rather verbosely on this blog.  He likes long walks, getting lost, and learning Chinese road names most people already know to stay away from.  He also enjoys pointing at characters and pictures on a menu.  What he lacks in crucial street and book smarts, he makes up for with an eager excitement and the optimism that every one of his adventures will one day prove a positive one.